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    Electric cars: When’s a good time to start thinking about buying one?

    Ambitious targets in Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 on the adoption of electric vehicles announced on Wednesday (Feb 10) have signalled a bigger ...
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    How ready is Singapore for electric vehicles?

    During Budget 2020, the Singapore Government unveiled an ambitious target to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles by 2040. Can technology ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: The logo of German carmaker Volkswagen is seen on a rim cap in a showroom of a Volkswag

    Volkswagen aims for half of vehicles sales to be electric by 2030

    Volkswagen on Tuesday said battery electric vehicles were expected to account for half of global vehicle sales by 2030, as Europe's largest ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: XPeng's electric vehicle (EV) P7 is unveiled during the media day for Shanghai aut

    Commentary: Tesla and all these Chinese EV makers are onto something worth hundreds of billions

    Electric vehicles are penetrating the auto industry and killing it. Howard Yu and Angelo Boutalikakis explain why investors have faith they will ...