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  1. Alchemy Foodtech’s Alan Phua and Verleen Goh

    The Singaporeans making rice and noodles healthier, but just as delicious

    Alchemy Foodtech’s Alan Phua and Verleen Goh have come up with a patented ingredient that lowers the glycaemic index (GI) of refined carbohydrates ...
  2. Fossa Founders

    Winning awards with chocolates inspired by satay sauce and salted eggs

    Meet Jay Chua, Charis Chia and Yilina Leong of Singapore’s Fossa Chocolate, which has won international awards for bold flavours like Chilli ...
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    Late payments of over S$4 billion owed to Singaporean SMEs in 2018

    Learn how small businesses can avoid them and the pitfalls of a stagnant cashflow.
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    The entrepreneur’s struggle: Cashflow issues

    After having to shutter a company because of cashflow issues, Mr Junxian Lee, co-founder of Moovaz, turned his businesses around using Xero’s ...
  5. Althea Lim and Vincent Ha, Gushcloud

    From crises to conquest: How Gushcloud's founders turned their business around

    With the US and China now firmly in their sights, digital talent agency Gushcloud International’s co-founders Althea Lim and Vincent Ha talk ...
  6. Hero super new 2

    Three women entrepreneurs from Asia who are changing the world

    Come May 2, eight women from around the globe will receive the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award. CNA Luxury casts the spotlight on three East ...
  7. More merchants adopt use of QR code payment methods | Video
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    More merchants adopt use of QR code payment methods | Video

    New entrepreneurs have been able to acquire more customers while small stores have benefited relatively more from the cost savings and efficiency ...
  8. Entrepreneur of the Year

    18 business leaders given The Entrepreneur of the Year awards

  9. New Content Item

    Commentary: Singapore start-ups should solve problems, not focus on achieving 'unicorn' triumphs

    Singapore’s start-ups should consider the road less travelled when it comes to business partnerships, says one observer from Amadeus.