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  1. People look at data on their mobiles as background with internet wire cables on switch hub is proje

    Internet group backs 'national' data privacy approach

    A group representing major internet companies including Facebook Inc, Inc and Alphabet Inc said on Tuesday it backed modernizing U.S.
  2. German Economic Affairs and Energy Federal Minister Peter Altmaier addresses the media in Berlin

    Germany seeks to curb internet giants' dominance

    Germany, seeking to rein in internet giants like Google and Facebook, plans to bolster the powers of its competition watchdog to prevent such ...
  3. TP spy cam upskirt

    Spy cameras, illicit filming and upskirt photos: Are you being watched?

    Being unwittingly filmed is becoming a serious issue in Singapore, and for every hidden camera found and insult of modesty case reported, there ...
  4. S Iswaran

    Commentary: Assume all organisations will be hit by cyberattacks at some point

    There are no excuses when the next cyberattack hits, even if companies are collateral damage, says one observer.
  5. Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers his opening remarks to the members of Global chief executive

    China's Xi says internet must be 'clean and righteous'

  6. Fans cry over SHINee Jonghyun

    Commentary: Keeping the deceased alive online has changed how we grieve

    Social networking sites keep those who have since passed on 'alive', and allow people to mourn from the comfort of their own home, says one observer.
  7. Cuba internet

    Cubans cheer as internet goes nationwide for a day

  8. what to do when your computer has been hacked password email blackmail 2

    'We've hacked your computer – pay up or be exposed'

    If you have received a message from someone who claims to have dirt on you – and shows a password you’ve previously used as proof — here’s what ...
  9. Deliveroo Foodpanda collage

    Commentary: SingHealth data breach should give us pause to think what else might be vulnerable

    As databases become more valuable, they will naturally attract the attention of hackers who wish to exploit them for commercial gain or other ...
  10. Isawaran Gan Kim Yong

    Commentary: Implement Internet separation? Let’s learn from industry best practices

    We should consider other advanced measures already in the market that can improve security without compromising usability, says one cyber security ...