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  1. FILE PHOTO: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan gives a statement after a cabinet meeting in Ankara

    Erdogan says Turkey 'neutralised' PKK official in Iraq camp strike

    Turkey hit a senior Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) official at a refugee camp in northern Iraq, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday (Jun 6), in ...
  2. A leaflet distributed by the Iraqi government's anti-'fake news' team is titled

    Misinformation thrives in Iraq's virtual battlegrounds

    Conspiracy theories, fake reports and mudslinging -- in Iraq, false news thrives and risks real-life consequences as authorities struggle to ...
  3. Anti-government protest in Baghdad

    One protester dies after clashes with police in Baghdad: Report

    One person died and several were injured on Tuesday (May 25) when Iraqi security forces fired live rounds in the air to disperse anti-government ...
  4. COVID-19 vaccine arrives in Baghdad

    Iraq gets first shipment of AstraZeneca vaccines via COVAX

    Iraq received 336,000 doses of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday, the first sent there under the global COVAX vaccine-sharing scheme.
  5. The Wider Image: 'Here it is, the truffle, a blessing from God!'

    'A blessing from God': Iraqi truffle hunters unearth desert harvest

    "Here it is, the truffle, a blessing from God!" Zahra Buheir carefully digs out a desert truffle from the sandy earth and shows it off between her ...
  6. Pope Francis travels to Iraq

    Pope weighed Iraq COVID-19 risk but believes God will protect

    Pope weighed Iraq COVID-19 risk but believes God will protect
  7. Pope Francis , holding a white dove at a square near the ruins of the Syriac Catholic Church

    Pope Francis prays for 'victims of war' in north Iraq

    Pope Francis vowed on Sunday (Mar 7) to keep Iraq in his heart, as he concluded the largest mass and final public event of a historic trip meant ...
  8. Iraq Pope

    Pope, top Iraq Shiite deliver message of peaceful co-existence in historic meeting

    Pope Francis and Iraq's top Shiite cleric delivered a powerful message of peaceful coexistence on Saturday (Mar 6), urging Muslims in the ...