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    Women giving birth in low-income countries often endure abuse

  2. Crystal meth, a drug seen here in a file picture, is smuggled out of Myanmar to more lucrative

    Floating meth sacks found in Myanmar sea worth US$20 million: Official

    Sacks of crystal meth scooped from the sea by Myanmar fishermen who mistook it for a deodorant substance had a street value of $20 million, an ...
  3. Myanmar craft beer 4

    How nights out in Singapore inspired Myanmar’s first microbrewery

  4. Myanmar is flanked by surf-ready coasts to the west and south, but decades of military rule, lack of

    Far out: Myanmar's first surfing team to take off at SEA Games

    Competitive surfing was barely known in Myanmar a few years ago but one local beach town is riding a wave of enthusiasm to the Southeast Asia ...
  5. Myanmar has deployed thousands of troops to Rakhine state

    Rakhine rebels abduct dozens after storming Myanmar bus

  6. Former bare-knuckle fighter Bozhena Antoniyar exploded on to MMA scene with a record 24-second KO on

    Bare knuckles to KO record for Myanmar woman breaking MMA mould

    Myanmar's Bozhena Antoniyar had to side-step conservative parents to take up bare-knuckle fighting, but her stealth paid off on her MMA debut when ...
  7. Staff feed milk to Ayeyar Sein in Wingabaw Elephant Camp

    Baby elephant nursed back to health at Myanmar sanctuary

    Baby elephant Ayeyar Sein trumpets impatiently as a vet prepares her milk bottle and walks cautiously, her front left leg in a splint made of ...
  8. Asia's World Heritage Sites
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    Asia's World Heritage Sites

    Myanmar's ancient city Bagan is now a UNESCO world heritage site, seen as the country's ticket to get on the region's tourism bandwagon. But not ...
  9. FILE PHOTO:  Rohingya refugees walk on a road at the Balukhali camp in Cox's Bazar

    Two Rohingya killed in gun battle with Bangladesh border guards

  10. Experts say bringing the country closer to the rest of the digital world is crucial, but will

    Code War: Myanmar's final digital battle ends

    Accessing everything from Wikipedia to Google Maps in Myanmar is about to get a lot easier when it finally adopts the universal code underpinning ...