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  1. New Content Item

    China's NetEase to launch first official Pokemon game in China

  2. Pokemon: Go wild in Sentosa's Safari Zone Pikachu

    Thousands flood Sentosa for Southeast Asia's first Pokemon Go Safari Zone event

  3. Pikachu and Eevee at the Pokemon Center Singapore

    Pokemon Center Singapore a monster hit at Jewel Changi Airport

    The opening marks the first time a Pokemon official merchandise store is launched outside of Japan.
  4. Pokemon

    The ultimate guide to every Pokemon spotted in the Detective Pikachu movie trailer

    The movie opens in Singapore on May 9 and at least 30 were seen in the latest trailer. CNA Lifestyle’s resident Pokemon geek breaks it down for ...
  5. Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Pokemon Sword and Shield announced for Nintendo Switch

    Generation 8 of the Pokemon gaming franchise will take place in Galar, inspired by the UK.
  6. pokemon-go-sg-cab

    Pokemon hunting in Singapore? There’s a taxi tour package to drive you around

    SG Cab now offers to drive Pokemon Go trainers around. And for $160, this is as close to HM02 – Fly as we’re gonna get.
  7. pokemon go is still alive

    Commentary: Pokemon Go is still alive and changing lives

    The game has become part of players' everyday life, changing how they commute and spend time with their family, say two observers.