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  1. Presidential elections in Taiwan

    Taiwan president complains to Pope Francis about Chinese pressure

    Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has written to Pope Francis to complain about Chinese pressure on the island Beijing claims as its own, saying China ...
  2. Even Benedict's supporters said he should have used his given name, Joseph Ratzinger, when

    Ex-pope's shadow Vatican role in the spotlight

    Ex-pope Benedict XVI seems to have broken his silence recently over key Catholic issues and his comments have raised serious questions within the ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Pope Benedict XVI finishes his last general audience in St Peter's Square at the V

    Ex-pope Benedict wants name removed from new book - aide

    Former Pope Benedict wants his name removed as co-author of a new book on the issue of priestly celibacy, his personal secretary said on Tuesday, ...
  4. The book highlighting Benedict's position on celibacy in the priesthood came as Pope Francis

    Ex-pope Benedict seeks to end storm over controversial book

    Retired former pope Benedict XVI sought to calm a dispute within the Vatican on Tuesday (Jan 14), claiming his name was erroneously attributed as ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Pope Benedict XVI finishes his last general audience in St Peter's Square at the V

    Former pontiff's book draws criticism, highlights problem of 'two popes'

    Roman Catholic scholars rebuked the former Pope Benedict on Monday for his comments in a new book regarding the delicate matter of priestly ...
  6. While Pope Francis supports celibacy in the priesthood, he has mooted the possible of being flexible

    Pope Francis repeats support for celibacy after Benedict outburst

    Pope Francis on Monday repeated his support for celibacy after his predecessor pope Benedict XVI urged him not to open the Catholic priesthood up ...
  7. Pope Francis met Swedish teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg at the Vatican in April 2019

    Pope slams leaders on 'weak' response to climate change

    Pope Francis accused world leaders on Thursday of failing to listen to the concerns of youngsters pushing for global action against climate change.
  8. Mass for the Epiphany at the Vatican

    Pope appeals to US and Iran to pursue dialogue, self-restraint

    Pope Francis on Thursday urged the United States and Iran to avoid escalation and pursue "dialogue and self-restraint" to avert a wider conflict ...
  9. Pope Francis kisses a nun on the cheek after making a joke to her saying "You bite! I will giv

    After slapping incident, pope kisses nun who vows not to bite

    Pope Francis, who last month angrily slapped the hand of a woman who yanked him towards her, gave a light-hearted reaction more typical of his ...