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  1. Some 70 million people will be eligible to vote in Bihar's upcoming elections - the latest step

    Indian state to allow quarantined COVID-19 patients to vote in elections

    Quarantined coronavirus patients in the Indian state of Bihar will be allowed to vote in polling stations in upcoming local elections but only ...
  2. TP ep 22 - covid19 mass testing
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    Ep 22: Should We ALL Be Allowed COVID-19 Tests?

    Testing for COVID-19 is being ramped up in Singapore, but only certain groups of people can get tested. With the virus mutating and potentially ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: The outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Palma de Mallorca

    EU travel industry steps up COVID-19 quarantine pushback

    Leaders of Europe's coronavirus-stricken travel and tourism industries have appealed to the EU's chief executive to press governments to end ...
  4. Insight FY2021 ep 19
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    Ep 19: Poverty In Asia: Indonesia

    Will COVID-19 outbreak trigger another major economic crisis and push millions of Indonesians into extreme poverty? 
  5. Insight FY2021 ep 18
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    Ep 18: Poverty In Asia: The Philippines

    The people in the Philippines are suffering from one of the toughest and longest lockdowns in the world, slipping the economy into its worst ...
  6. Tourism during COVID-19 in Algarve region

    English tourists rush back from Portugal to avoid COVID-19 quarantine

    Frustrated travellers rushed home to England cutting short summer holidays in Portugal on Friday to dodge a mandatory quarantine reimposed by ...
  7. FILE PHOTO: The coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Split, Croatia

    'Last chance': Airlines demand UK quarantine alternative by end September

    Airlines including British Airways and easyJet urged the UK government on Thursday to introduce coronavirus testing as an alternative to ...
  8. New Content Item
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    Kampong Konkrit

    When Singapore shuts down, six everyday heroes step up to help their neighbours during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. From nationwide quarantine ...
  9. OTRD ep 17 - escape from wuhan
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    Ep 17: Escape From Wuhan

    Haiyan and her young family are back in her hometown Wuhan for the Chinese New Year, but festivities grind to a sudden halt when Wuhan goes into ...