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  1. plastic recycling

    Commentary: We are on the cusp of a plastic recycling revolution

    A bold vision for how plastics are produced, used and reused, not just how much is recycled per se, is what will move the needle on our plastic ...
  2. A commuter carries a disposable coffee cup in London, Britain

    Commentary: The single-use coffee cup is generating a mountain of waste

    Most paper recycling mills can’t efficiently process paper coffee cups, and the majority are incinerated or sent to landfill, says University of ...
  3. Waste Singapore

    Commentary: Recycling bins are for recyclables, not junk

    IKEA’s move to give 18,000 homes a free recycling bin might help raise awareness, but won’t do anything to improve Singapore’s recycling rate if ...
  4. Yeo Bee Yin waste

    Commentary: When did Southeast Asia become a dumping ground for waste?

    If Southeast Asian countries no longer accept waste from high-income countries, where will the waste go? City University of Hong Kong Dr Danny ...
  5. East Java plastic 8

    The Indonesian village being buried by the developed world’s waste

  6. A woman cools off in a water fountain in Marseille

    France wants to reduce water use as rivers dry up

  7. Man and a cleaner throw trash at a separate waste collection in Shanghai

    Shanghai citizens out of sorts over new trash separation rules

  8. Why some plastic packaging is necessary

    Commentary: Why some plastic packaging is necessary

    Plastic packaging may be beneficial in reducing food waste, say Brunel University London's Manoj Dora and Eleni Lacovidou.
  9. SembWaste MoU recycling

    SembWaste signs MoU to attract workers and upgrade skills in recycling industry