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  1. France's Sebastien Vahaamahina retired from Test rugby

    Rugby: Red-carded Vahaamahina announces international retirement

  2. New Content Item

    A balanced approach to retirement planning

    Careful planning and a balanced portfolio can help you grow and protect your wealth – for you and your loved ones.
  3. Malaysian Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran

    Malaysia to study proposal to increase retirement age, minister says

  4. Japan elderly coder

    Commentary: Navigating the new road to modern elderhood

    A conversation among three friends suggests the modern elder has a role in the workplace, says Irene Hoe.
  5. older workers

    Commentary: Seniors do well at their jobs yet ageist myths and negative stereotypes persist

    To move beyond retirement and re-employment will require bold changes from companies and supervisors, says SUSS’ Helen Ko.
  6. File picture of older workers

    Commentary: Watch for casual ageism and other signs of caustic attitudes about older workers

    At the heart of concerns over raising the retirement age and CPF contribution rates is an insidious belief that older workers are worth less.
  7. A senior on her way to work.

    Commentary: Singapore’s bold bet on seniors and valuable years of life experience

    The signal is clear. Raising the retirement and re-employment age is long overdue and the task that lies ahead is for workers and companies to ...