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  1. Man sleeping in the bus

    Commentary: Not enough time? Transforming work and sleeping better in a digital world

    Transforming current work and study habits to allow for more sleep and more efficient time use will result in better cognitive performance, ...
  2. Phubbing social media smartphone (1)

    Commentary: Six signs of problematic smartphone usage common in children, young adults

    A quarter of children and young people show signs of problematic smartphone usage, say two experts.
  3. Baby sleeping

    Commentary: 'Crying it out'' is no solution when sleep training babies

    Not only do babies become distressed during longer periods of crying, but ignoring a baby's cries goes against everything we know about building ...
  4. singapore chiropractic association treatment regulation industry

    Commentary: Sleep, not bad posture, explains neck pain

    It's often said that "bad posture" can cause neck pain but science seems to indicate that other factors might be at play, says University of ...
  5. Getting It Right
    Media playtime

    Ep 27: Getting It Right

    The haze is back - how do businesses deal with it? And, the link between sleep and productivity. Plus, personalized nutrition is growing popular ...
  6. How to sleep better

    Having trouble sleeping? These nifty gadgets might be able to solve your woes

    Meet your new favourite bedtime companions.
  7. NYT - Illustration of an alarm clock

    Are you ready for bed at 9pm but waking up at 2am? It may be genetic

    Sleep patterns often run in families, and researchers have been identifying genes that influence them.