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  1. google pixel 4a ( 5)

    Commentary: Google Pixel 4a a decent phone but wait a little longer before switching

    Google Pixel 4a comes at a good price as an entry-level smartphone but it faces challenging headwinds, says Chong Guan.
  2. Woman wearing a face mask following  coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak looks at her smartphon

    Smartphone shipments in China plunge 35% in July: Government data

    Smartphone shipments in China plunged 35per cent in July compared with a year earlier, government data released on Tuesday shows.
  3. women office laptops coffee mobile phones

    Commentary: Our laptops are facing a slow death

    Instead of constantly upgrading your laptop in the face of obsolete systems, consider alternatives, says Paul Levy.
  4. Man sleeping in the bus

    Commentary: Not enough time? Transforming work and sleeping better in a digital world

    Transforming current work and study habits to allow for more sleep and more efficient time use will result in better cognitive performance, ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: People attend a presentation ceremony for the YotaPhone smartphone in Moscow

    Coming soon - the smartphone that promotes 'Russian values'

    Smartphones and other devices sold in Russia must be pre-installed with software that is morally sound and espouses traditional Russian values, ...
  6. Huawei Image 1

    Supersizing the mobile experience with more apps in AppGallery

    The smartphone maker is investing S$1.37 billion to support mobile app developers from around the world.