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  1. Alan Tan with Eugene's dinosaur stickers

    'He deserves a lot of love from us': Fostering a child with special needs

    The Tans fostered a baby boy in 2016, only to find out later that he had global developmental delay and autism. But they say it makes them love ...
  2. The Big Read: Kids with special needs (3)

    The Big Read: Where kids with and without special needs learn together - and it's not in Singapore

    In Vancouver, British Columbia, kids like Josh and Ahmed get a shot at a normal school life, interacting with children without special needs.
  3. A special kind of teacher
    Media playtime

    A special kind of teacher

    Can people with mild intellectual disability work as teacher aides? One childcare group is giving some of them the chance to do so, but they must ...
  4. PCS Ayuni cover photo

    'No different from other teachers': The childcare aide with special needs 

    When one voluntary welfare organisation decided to tap on people with special needs to work in their childcare centres, questions arose: Would ...