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  1. An invasive beetle is threatening Japan's cherry trees and their famed blossoms

    Invasive beetle threatens Japan's famed cherry blossoms

  2. At this year's Pyeongchang Games, organisers handed out a record 110,000 free condoms, and the

    Japan condom makers hope for 2020 Olympic lift

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    Uncertainty prevails as scandal clouds Japan Abe's future

  4. FILE PHOTO: A van is seen on a road in front of Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau which includes th

    Japanese court throws out Syrians' bid to overturn refugee ruling

  5. Train employees pay their respects at the site where passengers were overcome by sarin gas

    Japan marks sarin attacks anniversary as executions near

  6. Trees in Tokyo will be in full bloom in about a week's time, turning parks into huge picnic

    Spring comes to Tokyo with first cherry blossoms

  7. President Trump was "obviously... joking" about Japan's bowling ball car tests, the

    Japanese bemused by Trump bowling ball car test claim

  8. Evidence suggests 'hikikomori' find it harder to reintegrate into society after turning

    Japan's isolated older 'hikikomori' shun society for years

    Ikeida leaves the house once every three days to buy food, shuns deliveries to avoid human interaction and has not seen his parents or younger ...
  9. Japanese artist Fuyuki Shimazu, who travels the globe looking for cardboard to turn into items such

    From trash to treasure for globe-trotting Japanese cardboard artist

    The saying “one man's trash is another man's treasure” has been the mantra motivating Japanese artist Fuyuki Shimazu to go on a global dumpster ...