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  1. The Tokyo Skytree is among the structures that might have been built using the affected 'oil

    Japan company admits falsifying data for quake shock absorbers

    A company supplying equipment to protect major buildings in Japan from earthquakes has admitted falsifying data, authorities said Wednesday, ...
  2. Fujifilm Holdings' logos are pictured ahead of its news conference in Tokyo

    Fujifilm wins appeal in battle with Xerox over scrapped merger

    Fujifilm Holdings Corp has won an appeal in its legal battle with Xerox Corp , with a U.S. court overturning preliminary injunctions requested by ...
  3. There are some concerns over accommodation ahead of Tokyo 2020

    New Japan hotels must be wheelchair accessible before Tokyo 2020

    New hotels in Japan with more than 50 rooms will be required to provide wheelchair-friendly accommodation, the government said Tuesday, as the ...
  4. Japan skyline

    Japan to introduce electronic visa system for tourists: Report

  5. Streets in Japan

    Japan unveils plan to attract more foreign workers

    Japan on Friday unveiled a plan to attract more foreign blue-collar workers, as the world's number-three economy battles a crippling labour ...
  6. Scientists are already receiving data from other machines deployed on the surface of the Ryugu

    Japan delays touchdown of Hayabusa2 probe on asteroid: Official

    A Japanese probe sent to examine an asteroid in order to shed light on the origins of the solar system will now land on the rock several months ...
  7. Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces have been involved in joint exercises with the US and  Filipino

    Japan military officer killed during US-Philippine drill

    Japan's military said Sunday one of its members was killed in a car crash in the Philippines during joint exercises with US and Filipino troops.
  8. At 6:00 am sharp, handbells rang to signal the auction was under way and the air filled with the

    Tokyo's Tsukiji holds last tuna auction before move