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Stressed Out From Work Woes? Lift Your Spirits AND Your Skin With This Holistic Reviving Range

The ultimate guide to a clear mind and an even clearer complexion.

Ready for a radical overhaul of your skincare suite? Time to get acquainted with the alluring array of anti-ageing ambrosias in the KENZOKI BELLE DE JOUR line-up — all of which come complete with tantalising textures, soothing scents and potent powerhouse ingredients designed to delight the senses and defend your skin from the ravages of time.


Pat your way to soft and supple skin with the hot-off-the-press BELLE DE JOUR SACRED LOTUS FACE LOTION. Rich in nourishing botanicals, this next-gen lotion is the crucial first step to comforting and conditioning your complexion for the rest of your routine.  The sensuously silky consistency is superb for layering, even in the humid heat of searing Singapore. It also acts as the first line of defence for your dermis against the daily aggressors of sun, smog and stress, so your skin looks and feels replenished and radiant.

STEP 2. PAMPER YOUR PEEPERS Never neglect the incredibly delicate skin surrounding your eyes. This wondrous wand of the new BELLE DE JOUR SACRED LOTUS EYE CONTOUR depuffs and detoxifies with help from a cool metallic tip, and boasts a beguiling serum-cream texture that feels absolutely divine after an exhausting day.
STEP 3. OIL WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU This opulent oil is a multi-tasking marvel that you can mix and match into your lotions and potions for an additional boost of healing hydration. The nourishing and non-greasy BELLE DE JOUR SACRED LOTUS FACE OIL slips on like lingerie to smooth out rough patches and plump up your skin from within.
STEP 4. SUPERCHARGE WITH A SERUM Let your skin soak in the youth-enhancing prowess of the BELLE DE JOUR SACRED LOTUS FACE SERUM. An instant firming effect is augmented by a softening of wrinkles and the busting of brown blemishes in the long run. Expect to see your complexion restored and revitalised to its optimum brightness and bounciness.
STEP 5. MAXIMISE YOUR MOISTURE The comforting creaminess of the BELLE DE JOUR SACRED LOTUS FACE CREAM cocoons your complexion with the youth-enhancing nourishment of a sacred lotus brew. The result is a refinement of texture for skin that's as voluptuously velvety and plump as a petal.
STEP 6. GET YOUR BEAUTY ZZZs Finally, seal the deal with a generous dollop of the BELLE DE JOUR DREAM NIGHT MASK. This treat fuses the fortifying powers of the white lotus alchemy with the rarefied and rebalancing Belle de Nuit flower. Can be used as a conventional mask by tissuing off after 15 minutes. Layer it on in the PM thrice a week to steep your skin in its goodness, and awaken to a firmer and fresher face in the AM. Cheers to good skin days ahead!

The KENZOKI BELLE DE JOUR range is available at all Sephora Singapore stores and on


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