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Altered Lives

11:58 Min
Altered Lives

I gave up my PR career to care for mum - despite battling depression & burnout

26 Mar 2022 02:56am

“You wonder how long you have them for. The reality is that you never know.” Meet Nadia, who has put her career and marriage on hold indefinitely to care for her ailing mother - despite the cost to her mental health.

About the Show

Altered Lives is about loneliness, disconnect and how circumstances change lives.

The documentary follows 18-year-old Sam in the Philippines as he embarks on a long journey to meet his family for the first time in many years. In India, 28-year-old actress Rytasha deals with public and personal pressures as she seeks companionship and emotional support.

44-year-old Chinese divorcee Pei Li has Parkinson’s disease and is father to an eight-year-old but he wants to do more as he feels time is running out.

In Singapore, 37-year-old Nadia resigned from a promising job to look after her mother, who suffered a stroke and is feeling the brunt of being a full-time caregiver.



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