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Climate For Change

47:39 Min
Climate For Change

Climate For Change - S1E2: Renewing Energy

22 Feb 2021 10:00pm
Daring people and enterprises take wind and solar energy to new frontiers across Asia through groundbreaking projects. Renewable energy is challenging but it’s transforming the region for good.
About the Show

Clean energy isn’t just a great challenge. It’s a great opportunity.

With clean energy, even small countries like Singapore can make an outsized impact on the world by exporting solutions to the region. This is a Climate for Change.

This two-part documentary series tells the story of daring people and enterprises venturing to bring cleaner energy to new frontiers and new customers through pioneering projects.

Filmed in Singapore, China, Cambodia, Vietnam & Finland, the documentary features groundbreaking projects in solar, wind, biofuels and natural gas. Discover the companies behind the world’s largest floating solar energy testbed in the sea, the first wind energy project in Cambodia, the first foreign-owned wind farms in Vietnam, the expansion of one of the world’s largest renewable biodiesel refineries to make renewable jet fuel and the commissioning and delivery of the first LNG (liquified natural gas) bunkering vessel in Singapore.

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