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Climate For Change: Closing The Loop

49:40 Min
Climate For Change: Closing The Loop

Climate For Change: Closing The Loop - S2E2: The Circular City

26 Jul 2021 10:00pm
How can a Circular Economy reduce tonnes of food, fashion, electronics and construction waste from ending up in landfills? How can cities unlock lucrative opportunities in closing the resource loop?
About the Show

Waste is generated on an epic scale. As humans, we have adopted a linear approach to food, plastic and clothes in our daily lives. We take, we make, and we dispose.

Each time we do this, we eat into a finite supply of resources and produce toxic waste, which cannot work long-term unless we go circular. The Circular Economy? It is a buzzword nowadays, but its principles are based on pearls of wisdom. Circularity is production and consumption to create as little waste as possible. Where there is waste, it becomes a new resource. Ultimately, circularity, or zero waste, will significantly move the needle on climate change.

However, the circular economy is more than an environmental concept. It is also about economics. 

This series examines how Singapore, with its green plan and sustainable practices, is driving change, while other forward-thinking countries are unlocking economic opportunities by closing the resource loop. Meet the smart, motivated entrepreneurs who are making it happen.

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