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Coded World

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Coded World

Coded World - S1: I married a hologram wife (A Japanese bachelor's tale)

14 Oct 2019 02:35pm
How does sex figure in a marriage to a virtual spouse? Akihiko Kondo is among 3,700 people who believe that artificial intelligence can replace human relationships - and who've proven it by marrying hologram Hatsune Miku. #CodedWorld explores if a future powered by machine learning algorithms and AI could be a benefit or a threat.
About the Show

Algorithms are everywhere today, infiltrating every aspect of our lives, and using big data to change how we live on a daily basis. And this is just the beginning of the algorithmic age. Algorithms are the building blocks for almost all advanced technology today, from Amazon shopping recommendations to the most sophisticated artificial intelligence. 

Anjan Sundaram – author, journalist and mathematician – travels the world to meet with people designing this code, and people affected by this algorithmic revolution. We see how this code is making and taking away our choices, affecting the fate of nations and the freedom of individuals, being used to create virtual beings, communities and worlds, and ultimately changing who we are and what we will become in tomorrow’s world. 

Are algorithms good or bad? Or just tools we have created to help us live better lives? That is part of what we will discover as Anjan explores the impact of code in our new world order. 

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