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In Search Of Precious Stones

47:05 Min
In Search Of Precious Stones

In Search Of Precious Stones - S1E4: In Search Of Precious Stones: The Flawless Diamond

31 Mar 2021 10:00pm
Shahzeem secures a Type 2A flawless Diamond from India. As the stone gets processed in Surat, India, Shahzeem learns about lab-grown Diamonds that match the same quality.
About the Show

Gemstone dealer and jeweller Shahzeem Pasha is the third generation to take up the family trade.

Shahzeem gets a deal to source for a Colombian Emerald. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, Shahzeem gets in touch with an old contact, Jeffrey Bergman, an Emerald dealer based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Shahzeem then sources for a Pigeon’s Blood Ruby. He negotiates for the red stone with his uncle. Meanwhile, his cousin Imran based in Jakarta visits a Black Opal mine to get a sample for future dealings.

Next, Shahzeem attempts to get a Royal Blue Sapphire from Sri Lanka. Shahzeem works with gemstone dealer Munzir who is based in Colombo.

In the final episode, Shahzeem gets in touch with an old classmate, Rashad, who deals with rough Diamonds out of New Delhi, India. He needs to get the rough stone cut and polished in order to deliver a flawless Type 2A Diamond for his client. Artisanal Diamond mining in Sierra Leone is revealed.

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