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Inside Our Factories

01:09:29 Min
Inside Our Factories

Inside Our Factories - S1: Inside Our Factories

15 Aug 2018 09:00pm
Ever wondered what it is like inside some of Singapore's biggest factories? This feature documentary gains access to 6 factories to show us life on the factory floor.
About the Show

Inside Our Factories is a feature documentary that celebrates the gamut of factories from the 1960s to present-day Singapore, tracing how factories have evolved with the economy over the years.

The film gains access to six factories that manufacture very different products - from humble wooden pallets that can serve as an "economic indicator", to high-end memory chips that power our modern lives. There are lesser-known stories like an ammunition factory that produces a world-class grenade, and a printing firm still producing old-school accounting books.

The film places the people in these factories front-and-centre. We hear their personal stories, collective memories, and aspirations. And come to understand why factories are more than just a place of work for many of them. 

Shot in a cinematic style, the film shows Singapore factories in a way that’s never seen before.

Also, don't miss the short clips that provide an intimate look into how things are made (in "Extras").

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