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Love That Binds

48:00 Min
Love That Binds

Love That Binds - S1E2: Part 2

11 Mar 2022 08:00pm

From 2 individuals in love to coming together as life partners and forming a family. Do interracial couples have to navigate through a more complex web of issues in their pursuit of happiness? 

About the Show

One in 5 marriages in Singapore is now an interracial one. The prevalence of these unions reflects the success of racial harmony and integration in our society.

But lately, episodes of racially charged outbursts against interracial couples have surfaced. They are symptomatic of underlying prejudices that run counter to the spirit of multiculturalism, religious tolerance, and racial harmony.

In this 2-part documentary series, interracial couples of various ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities share their stories of how they overcome challenges to become partners in life, and to form multicultural families.



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