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Lunch with Masters of Finance

23:02 Min
Lunch with Masters of Finance

Lunch with Masters of Finance - S1E6: Fintech And Beyond

23 Mar 2022 10:00pm

To tackle the USD 1.5 trillion global trade finance gap, commodity industry expert Tom James has engineered a hybrid fintech and fund management solution that ticks both boxes of purpose and profit.

About the Show

Wine and dine with Asia’s leading investors and fund managers as they share future growth opportunities, investment strategies and insights on combining purpose and profit.

Featuring an eclectic mix of financiers from a quant fund CEO, hedge fund legend to regional pioneers of venture capital, private equity and family office, there is no lack of food for thought.

For lunch with a dash of soul, have a listen to the companion podcast series that gets personal with the masters and dishes out opinions and opportunities in ESG and impact investing.



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