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Strangers In My Head

23:58 Min
Strangers In My Head

Strangers In My Head - S1E4: The Mind’s Chaos

30 Dec 2020 10:00pm
Jess has reconciled with the difficult childhood years that triggered co-morbid mental health issues. As her outlook in life transforms, she is ready to accept herself and celebrate her journey.
About the Show

One in four people in the world suffer from mental health issues at some point in their life. It’s an elusive and lonely battle that few wish to talk about; but many form opinions on. So, what constitutes our mental health? Why does society shun conversations about and around the states of mental health?

To find answers, we step into the world of four individuals dealing with different mental health issues, and listened. Strangers In My Head is a 4-part documentary series that journals the perspective of each individual as they reveal the layers of their relationship with mental health issues and what being ‘normal’ means to them.

This is an intimate introspection, an attempt to articulate the frustration, the guilt and the fatigue. Ultimately, through the many confusing voices and labels, they seek to assert their strength, identity and place in society.

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