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The Past Beneath Us

44:22 Min
The Past Beneath Us

The Past Beneath Us - S1E3: The War Years

19 May 2019 10:00am
Buried beneath modern Singapore are physical scars from the battlefields of WW2 - corroded bullets, cartridges and personal artefacts that tell us about the fall of Singapore.
About the Show

Archaeology is not only the study of the past, but also of the future.  

Two hundred years on from Raffles' landing, a team of archaeologists are digging deep to unearth new artefacts that will reshape what we think we know about Singapore. The bicentennial commemoration has given them rare access to historical sites. From uncovering evidence of an ancient 14th century settlement at Fort Canning, to discovering forgotten relics of life in colonial Singapore at the Padang, and exploring forsaken ruins of World War 2, they are looking at Singapore with a long view, and adding to the national narrative for future generations. 

In this series, we go into the field with these archaeologists - looking to the land and the seas in search of the chapters of history buried underwater, and deep below ground.

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