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Wired Differently

47:55 Min
Wired Differently

Wired Differently - S1E2: My Teen Has A Condition

27 Mar 2022 10:00pm

A boy unable to control his anger, hits a teacher and is expelled from school. A girl develops an irrational fear of holes and stickers. Their families open up on how they cope.

About the Show

What do you do when the child in the family is wired differently?

CNA follows four families in Singapore who have been fractured by a child whose problems go beyond what ordinary children face.

Mary has a son, Marcus, who is a high-functioning autistic adult. One day, a meltdown leads Marcus to threaten his step-father with a pair of scissors.

Amanda has a autistic child, Andric, who saps her energy and takes her attention away from her other two children.

Teddy has a son, Benedict, who has anger management issues and is expelled from school for beating up his teacher.

Yu Kee has a sister, Keeri who develops an irrational fear of holes and stickers. Keeri’s phobias throw family life awry.

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