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Neo Chai Chin

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Migrant worker Abdul Mannan (left) returned home to his family after he was diagnosed with cancer.

    ‘No family member would ever do that for me’: Migrant worker with cancer on Singapore volunteer’s help

    Helping workers who are badly injured or ill, or families of those who died, is time-consuming and takes an emotional toll. Volunteers from ...
  2. Workers ferried in lorries in Singapore.

    ‘I felt like I was going to fall off’: Lorry rides and the push to make it safer for workers

    Despite safety concerns, lorries are still being used to transport Singapore’s migrant workers. A few Singaporeans get a taste of the risks, in a ...
  3. cycling singapore

    Where do cyclists belong? Not on roads or pedestrian paths, a new survey finds

    In the survey commissioned by the programme Talking Point, many respondents also wanted more rules, as they felt there are more errant cyclists ...
  4. Teochew fish ball noodle seller Sim Ah Tee operates in a private coffee shop at 27 Jalan Berseh.

    Hawkers and their heirs struggle with uncertainty — and lack of rental relief

    The son of a Teochew fish ball noodle seller gave up after 10 years, while a popiah heir feels thin margins are akin to building a house on sand, ...
  5. Under the hood of an electric vehicle.

    Road trips, battery safety and competing for chargers: 10 electric car queries answered

    Netizens and motorists had some questions about electric vehicles following two recent Talking Point episodes. An expert from the industry ...
  6. Ng Kok Hua has survived decades in the hawker trade. But age is catching up with the 64-year-old.

    Singapore’s ageing heritage hawkers hope for successors; one has put up recipe for sale

    Times are tough, especially for hawkers in the business district. The programme On The Red Dot meets two masters of the trade whose decades-old ...
  7. Talking Point host Steven Chia learnt that low-carbon transport is not all about the vehicle per se.

    Electric vehicles may be fast and low-maintenance, but are they a real climate solution?

    Talking Point’s Steven Chia spoke to industry players, hitched a ride in a Tesla Model S and pitted an electric car against a petrol car. Here is ...
  8. Domestic violence in China is rooted in traditional values associated with Confucian patriarchy.

    Every 7.4 seconds, a woman in China faces domestic violence. Can the tide be turned?

    About one in four women in the world’s most populous country are said to have endured domestic abuse. The programme Undercover Asia speaks to ...
  9. India’s second Covid-19 wave overwhelmed its healthcare system.

    India’s second COVID-19 wave sparks selfless acts, but the battle is far from over

    With hospitals pushed to the limit, good Samaritans have stepped forward to save lives. But beating the second wave — and preventing a third — ...
  10. COVID-19 vaccination seniors Thomson Medical

    COVID-19 vaccination: Why some seniors are holding back, and how a little nudge can help

    Some are grappling with pre-existing medical conditions, while others prefer to ‘wait and see’. Experts suggest ways to get more seniors to be ...