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Lin Suling

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  1. person smoking balcony cigarette second hand smoke

    Commentary: Smoking near windows dismissed as neighbourly nuisance but has public health costs

    As people spend more time at home, smoke wafting into people’s homes can be a deadly public health menace, and should not be mistaken for a ...
  2. Belinda Lee gets married

    Commentary: What’s wrong with being a single woman?

    Belinda Lee’s wedding is to be celebrated but surely happiness and personal fulfillment must be found from within, rather than a legal attachment ...
  3. People pose for photos, as tourism takes a decline following the coronavirus outbreak, at Universal

    Commentary: What the Singapore tourism vouchers are really about

    The local tourism vouchers are a smart policy innovation to lift the tourism industry without propping up zombies. And Singaporeans get a vote too.
  4. People wearing protective face mask at Orchard Road

    Commentary: SARS was scary, but the experience was invaluable in shaping our Wuhan virus response

    As the Wuhan virus claims a seventh confirmed case in Singapore, it’s worth remembering the domestic resilience and international cooperation that ...
  5. The Singapore trade minister said officials were hopeful of reaching agreement on the China-backed

    Commentary: The brewing discontent with trade and one step to restoring faith in globalisation

    For trade-dependent Singapore, global disenchantment with trade and globalisation is something that needs fixing. Reforms to global taxation rules ...
  6. Corporate gifts and greeting cards are pointless.

    Commentary: All these corporate greeting cards and presents are not gifts. They're spam

    Market forces may be driving the private sector into the arms of climate action. But our animal spirits are stuck in the first industrial revolution.
  7. Goo Hara celebs react to death

    Commentary: Goo Hara’s death should lead K-pop fans to do some soul-searching

    Goo Hara shot to stardom when she conformed to the stereotypes of what a K-pop star involves. Now that she’s passed, perhaps it’s time K-pop fans ...
  8. File picture of older workers

    Commentary: Watch for casual ageism and other signs of caustic attitudes about older workers

    At the heart of concerns over raising the retirement age and CPF contribution rates is an insidious belief that older workers are worth less.
  9. Hong Kong protestors in masks and goggles

    Commentary: Behind Hong Kong’s extradition bill protests – a looming divide, growing pessimism about the future

    The outcry against Hong Kong's extradition bill against a backdrop of waning confidence in city institutions show much work will be needed to ...