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Lin Suling

Executive Editor, CNA Commentary

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  1. File picture of older workers

    Commentary: Watch for casual ageism and other signs of caustic attitudes about older workers

    At the heart of concerns over raising the retirement age and CPF contribution rates is an insidious belief that older workers are worth less.
  2. Hong Kong protestors in masks and goggles

    Commentary: Behind Hong Kong’s extradition bill protests – a looming divide, growing pessimism about the future

    The outcry against Hong Kong's extradition bill against a backdrop of waning confidence in city institutions show much work will be needed to ...
  3. Orchard Towers file photo (4)

    Commentary: Does Orchard Towers belong in Orchard Road?

    Orchard Towers has been marked by a string of violent crime and vice activities over the years. It sticks out awkwardly as plans to revitalise ...
  4. U.S. President Trump meetS with Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau at the White House in Washingt

    Commentary: US President in 2020 - why Donald Trump could win again

    Mr Trump has refashioned the world, American politics and the Republican party in his image - and he's only halfway done.
  5. ‘Lucky boy’ and ‘men will be men’ are problematic double standards

    Commentary: Terms like ‘lucky boy’ and ‘men will be men’ are problematic double standards

    Comments on news of a female teacher sexually exploiting her 15-year-old male student reveal disturbing attitudes about gender and sex.
  6. TP road rage angry 2

    Commentary: What happened to caution and graciousness on the roads?

    Tougher punishments and more cameras cannot replace the need for better attitudes towards road safety.
  7. File photo of National University of Singapore (NUS)

    Commentary: University campuses must be safe places for all

    NUS student Monica Baey’s social media revelations have raised disturbing questions about how cases of misconduct are treated.
  8. Games Of Thrones season 8 trailer screen grab

    Commentary: The beautiful, horrifying, worst yet best show ever that is Game of Thrones

    It’s more than gory scenes and captivating odysseys that make Games of Thrones such a stunning success.
  9. reservoir, singapore - file photo

    Commentary: Beyond scarcity and security, does Singapore need a new water narrative?

    Have strides made in water management drowned out a longstanding attitude concerning the importance of water conservation? Can a new culture of ...
  10. Mobike's shared bikes are lined up in Shenzhen

    Commentary: With Mobike’s impending exit, is it time to give public bike-sharing a shot?

    After a roller-coaster journey, is Singapore’s private bike-sharing sector coming to a grinding halt?