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  1. Singapore Airlines Airbus A330-300

    SIA plane with 284 on board hits aerobridge at Changi Airport

  2. FIVE Square crash

    Car crashes into glass panel of restaurant at Pickering Street

  3. Kebab x-ray

    US boy survives impaling head on kebab skewer

    A 10-year-old American boy was making a remarkable recovery on Wednesday (Sep 12) after a meat skewer impaled his skull but missed his brain, in ...
  4. India bus accident Sep 11

    50 killed as Indian bus plunges into valley

  5. Kolkata bridge collapse 1

    One dead, 19 injured after Kolkata bridge collapses

  6. Russian jet accident

    Russian passenger jet goes off runway in Sochi, 18 injured

  7. tuas ave 8 accident

    Trapped lorry driver rescued by SCDF after accident in Tuas