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  1. FILE PHOTO: U.S. troops patrol at an Afghan National Army (ANA) Base in Logar province, Afghanistan

    US may trim more than 1,000 troops from Afghanistan

  2. Notorious for banning TV and radio under its iron-fisted 1996-2001 regime, the militants have proven

    Taliban confront fake news, social media in propaganda war

    Fighting "fake" news, wrestling with social media, and deploying an intern army -- the Taliban's sprawling propaganda machine embraces modernity ...
  3. In 2017, 420 million children were living in conflict-affected areas, an increase of 30 million from

    War kills more than 100,000 babies a year: NGO

    At least 100,000 babies die every year because of armed conflict and its impact, from hunger to denial of aid, Save the Children International ...
  4. Former translators  demonstrate last year in Paris seeking visas and protection

    French victory ends long asylum battle of Afghan interpreters

    They served the French army on the frontlines in Afghanistan, sometimes bearing arms during operations by international forces against the Taliban.
  5. FILE PHOTO: PJ Harvey is applauded as she prepares to receive the 2011 Mercury Prize in London

    Rocker PJ Harvey travels to Afghanistan to inspire her music in new documentary

    Art rocker PJ Harvey visits a drum shop in Kabul, a war-damaged house with peeling wallpaper in Kosovo, and street rappers in Washington D.C., ...
  6. Sibghatullah Mojaddedi was a former mujahideen commander who fought against the Soviets and rose to

    Afghan mujahideen fighter turned president dies: Family

    An Afghan mujahideen commander who fought the Soviets and rose to become the country's first president after the Red Army retreated has died aged ...
  7. New Content Item

    Optimism may protect against chronic pain in soldiers

  8. Ashraf Ghani

    Taliban take centre stage as Kabul cut out of peace talks