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  1. Britain Brexit

    British PM tried to silence parliament, Supreme Court told

  2. Supreme Court hearing on prorogation ahead of Brexit

    Explainer: Brexit deal emerging or not? Latest in Britain-EU talks

    The European Union has pushed back against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's assertion that a new Brexit deal was in the making.
  3. German Chancellor Merkel meets Britain's Prime Minister Johnson at the Chancellery in Berlin

    UK will work energetically on Brexit deal, PM Johnson tells Merkel: Spokesman

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday that he would work with energy and determination to reach a ...
  4. A legal defeat for Boris Johnson would leave him open to charges that he effectively lied to Queen

    Britain's Supreme Court enters Brexit crisis

    The Brexit drama switches venues from Brussels to the UK Supreme Court on Tuesday for hearings on Boris Johnson's explosive decision to suspend ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: A Novo Nordisk employee controls a machine at an insulin production line in a plant in

    With a backup to the backup, insulin makers say they're primed for Brexit

    For two men trained as scientists, the bosses of Britain's major insulin providers have had to become experts in ferry schedules, trucking laws ...
  6. Jean-Claude Juncker shakes hands with Boris Johnson

    No breakthrough in Brexit talks as Johnson dodges reporters

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson failed to convince EU leaders on Monday (Sep 16) he has a serious plan for a Brexit deal, then ducked out of ...
  7. Brexit Party news conference in London

    Brexit will be delayed again when PM Johnson's deal falls, Nigel Farage says

    Britain's departure from the European Union will be delayed again because Prime Minister Boris Johnson's attempt to do a last minute deal with ...
  8. Johnson insists progress has been made in talks with the EU's Brexit team

    Johnson the Brexit 'Hulk' finally meets EU's Juncker

    Six weeks after he took office and six weeks before he is due to lead Britain out of the European Union, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to meet ...
  9. Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during the Convention of the North at the Magna

    British PM Boris Johnson, likening himself to Incredible Hulk, vows Oct 31 Brexit

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson likened himself to the comic book character The Incredible Hulk in a newspaper interview where he stressed ...
  10. French fishermen clashed last year with their English counterparts in a dispute over access to

    Hard Brexit threat looms over French fishing fleet

    The waters for French fishermen are being stirred up by uncertainty of what will happen if Britain leaves the EU without a deal on October 31 and ...