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  1. Exiled opposition figure Sam Rainsy has lived in France since 2015 to avoid prison for convictions

    Cambodian opposition activists sentenced for treason

    Seven Cambodian activists have been handed jail sentences for treason over comments posted online supporting an exiled opposition figure, their ...
  2. Turtles are frequently eaten in Cambodia, but the Australian ambassador to the country has

    Australian diplomat sorry for Cambodian turtle soup meal

    Australia's ambassador to Cambodia has apologised for eating a dish containing softshell turtle, which are highly protected in parts of the world.
  3. FILE PHOTO: A fisherman is seen on the  Mekong river bank outside Nong Khai

    China pledges Mekong River data-sharing, details unclear

    China's prime minister pledged on Monday to share more water management data from its portion of the Mekong River with its neighbours in Southeast ...
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    Ep 4: Borei Keila, Phnom Penh

    Borei Keila is Phnom Penh's infamous neighbourhood but residents and food sellers Thavy and Pen Rim cannot imagine living and working anywhere else.
  5. A view of the Mekong river bordering Thailand and Laos is seen from the Thai side in Nong Khai

    Mekong nations pressed to share data as water level falls to new low

    The inter-governmental Mekong River Commission on Friday urged China and Southeast Asian countries to share more data on hydropower dam ...
  6. Outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Bangkok

    Commentary: What’s the secret to some Southeast Asian countries’ COVID-19 success?

    With almost 15 times New Zealand’s population, Thailand has performed just 40 per cent more tests, and yet is doing really well tackling COVID-19, ...