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  1. China's Zhang Guowei has announced his retirement from high jumping

    China's twerking high jumper Zhang Guowei retires at 28

    China's world silver-medallist high jumper Zhang Guowei, renowned for his flamboyant twerking celebrations, has stunned fans by announcing his ...
  2. Xi Jinping

    Commentary: China's COVID-19 push for global influence

    This coronavirus outbreak, China has kept its eye on the prize of displacing the US as the go-to major power in global crises, says Ramesh Thakur.
  3. Campaigners say the pandemic has forced people to rethink what can be produced locally in Hong Kong

    COVID-19 sparks boom for local farmers in import-dependent Hong Kong

    After a coronavirus-fuelled wave of panic-buying briefly left Hong Kong's supermarket shelves bare, residents are turning to local producers for ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: A pump jack operates in front of a drilling rig at sunset in an oil field in Texas

    Oil slips on oversupply fears, but stocks jump on virus slowdown hopes

    Oil prices skidded on Monday after Saudi-Russian negotiations to cut output were delayed, keeping oversupply concerns alive, while stocks jumped ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: People visit Tencent's booth at the World 5G Exhibition in Beijing

    Stay home and karaoke: Tencent's JOOX sees usage spike in Southeast Asia

    Lockdowns and travel restrictions prompted by the new coronavirus have been a boon to JOOX, Chinese tech giant Tencent's international music ...
  6. China exported 3.86 billion masks and almost 40 million pieces of protective clothing since March 1

    China says it has sold nearly 4 billion masks abroad

    China has sold nearly four billion masks to foreign countries since March, officials said Sunday, as they tried to stem widespread fears over the ...