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  1. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Disease Hunters: Battle Against Bacteria

    Humans and bacteria have been in an evolutionary race for centuries. With the emergence of “Superbugs” and no new antibiotics in sight, we are ...
  2. TP ep 22 - covid19 mass testing
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    Ep 22: Should We ALL Be Allowed COVID-19 Tests?

    Testing for COVID-19 is being ramped up in Singapore, but only certain groups of people can get tested. With the virus mutating and potentially ...
  3. New wristband token to help businesses enforce COVID-19 measures | Video
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    New wristband token to help businesses enforce COVID-19 measures | Video

    This wristband doubles as a COVID-19 safe distancing and contact tracing device, as well as an EZ-Link card. The gadget is being trialled at ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: The Care19 mobile app, which the governors of North Dakota and South Dakota have asked

    Three more US states launching COVID-19 exposure warning apps

    North Dakota, Wyoming and Alabama are the latest U.S. states launching apps to warn users about potential exposure to the novel coronavirus by ...
  5. TraceTogether

    Commentary: Here’s how to get TraceTogether downloads up – without making it mandatory

    TraceTogether token faces a chicken-and-egg challenge in getting enough people to download and wear the device, says Bryan Tan.
  6. Heart of the Matter podcast thumbnail
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    TraceTogether token and contact tracing apps: Privacy, data usage and other big questions

    The TraceTogether token, a wearable contact tracing device will soon be rolled out. The government has said that it will not collect personal ...