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  1. dover forest jan 2021

    Commentary: Planting trees is a safe climate action but are its benefits inflated?

    With reforestation becoming a popular choice for companies and governments’ sustainability programmes, misconceptions abound over what makes tree ...
  2. Insight FY2021 ep 39
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    Ep 39: Fate Of Indonesia's Forests

    What has been done to save Indonesia’s beleaguered rainforests?
  3. FILE PHOTO: IBAMA fire brigade members walk in a burned area as they try to control hot points in a

    Amazon hurtles toward death spiral as deforestation jumps in 2020

    An area the size of Israel was deforested in the Amazon biome last year as destruction surged 21 per cent in the region spanning nine countries ...
  4. An aerial view shows a tree at the center of a deforested plot of the Amazon near Porto Velho, Rond

    Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon skyrockets to 12-year high under Bolsonaro

    Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon rainforest surged to a 12-year high in 2020, official government data showed on Monday, with destruction soaring ...
  5. Indonesia forest fire

    Commentary: Little smoke this haze season – but fires rage on in Indonesia

    Much of the destruction to Indonesia's forests and peatlands have taken place behind the veil of COVID-19 restrictions, says Greenpeace's Kiki Taufik.
  6. New Content Item
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    Ep 3: Brazil's Amazonian Battle

    Deforestation in Brazil has skyrocketed. The size of 8.4 million fields have been chopped down. We investigate the need for gold that is forcing ...
  7. Ep 3 Land
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    Ep 3: Land

    Land use and climate stability are a delicate balancing act. Get it right and you can reduce carbon emissions; but get it wrong, and you can fuel ...
  8. Climate Crisis
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    Climate Crisis

    Bushfires in Australia. Deforestation in Amazon. Rising sea levels in Mumbai. CNA Correspondent examines the combination of causes - human and nature.