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    E-scooters – what’s happened with rules, riders and pedestrians and what comes next

    A month after the footpath ban, the Singapore government announced new rules for e-scooters, including an age restriction and a theory test.
  2. Scooter technology firm Superpedestrian founder and CEO Biderman shows the companyÕs new scooter in

    E-scooter maker Superpedestrian raises US$20 million, promises fewer breakdowns

    Electric scooter company Superpedestrian on Wednesday said it had raised US$20 million for its diagnostic software that can spot impending ...
  3. Screengrab of a video of a man riding an e-scooter on the shelter of a walkway.

    E-scooter user arrested for riding on top of walkway shelter

  4. Today Big Read e-scooters

    The Big Read: E-scooter footpath ban — lessons from the PMD saga and where to go from here

    The task of tackling the PMD scourge is the latest regulatory headache confronting Singapore’s transport policymakers.
  5. Madam Ong Bee Eng

    E-scooter rider charged with causing death of cyclist in Bedok

  6. Food delivery e-scooter

    S$7 million in grants to help food delivery riders trade in e-scooters following footpath ban

  7. e-scooter PMD in Singapore

    Commentary: What’s next for e-scooters after the footpath ban?

    The new law may keep pedestrians safe from e-scooters, but does not negate the need for investment in critical transport infrastructure going ...
  8. Screengrabs of videos posted on social media of PMD users riding on the grass turf next to footpaths

    Up to S$5,000 fine for PMD users who ride on grass: NParks