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  1. FILE PHOTO: A man rides aN electric scooter on the sidewalk in Paris

    Paris to ban e-scooter riders from sidewalks, fine those who park improperly

    If you're spending time in Paris this summer and decide to check out one of the 20,000 electric scooters buzzing along its boulevards, you might ...
  2. Electric scooters

    Paris scooter rider killed after lorry crash

  3. pmds impounded during 3-day sting

    Nearly 20 PMDs impounded during 3-day sting

  4. man on a pmd - file photo 2

    The Big Read: Calls to ban PMDs mount as accidents persist — but is it the best option?

    Despite moves in recent years to regulate motorised devices on public paths, calls to beef up action against errant riders are mounting.
  5. man rides Tier e-scooter in Berlin

    Germany bans e-scooters from pavements, restricts them to road use

  6. Tier and Bird electric scooters

    Paris, Berlin draw up tough rules for e-scooters

  7. e-scooters

    Injuries pile up with e-scooter craze in US: Survey

  8. e-scooter at science park one

    Registration of e-scooters opens Jan 2

  9. Food deliveryman arrested in Yishun

    Food delivery man using illegal e-scooter arrested in Yishun

  10. Neuron Mobility e-scooters impounded at Bencoolen Street

    LTA impounds PMDs from Neuron Mobility, Telepod and Beam