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  1. China will struggle with the rapid rise of dementia in its greying population, a by-product in part

    Elderly in Singapore need S$1,379 a month for basic needs: Study

  2. China elderly

    Commentary: China’s chief conundrum - how to look after the world’s fastest ageing population

    Without a baby boom, China is heading towards an economic stall, says China commentator Tom McGregor. Still, automation may be a solution.
  3. Singapore Parliament House

    Sweeping law reforms to outlaw marital rape, penalise voyeurism passed

  4. rougai elderly japan

    Commentary: In Japan, the old are harassing the young

    Rougai, a term meaning an annoying old person, reflects Japan's ageing population woes keenly felt by the young, says the Financial Times' Leo Lewis.
  5. senior citizen in wheelchair, with caregiver - singapore file photo (1)

    Hiring untrained maids to take care of frail, sick elderly may not be safe or sustainable: Experts

    Those ill-prepared to take care of ailing elderly folk could be at risk of feeling burnt out, experts say.
  6. Elderly on wheelchair

    Commentary: Three stories from caregivers show we still undervalue caregiving

    We need a deeper conversation on how to support caregivers and provide them with the financial and psychological support they need, says Member of ...
  7. President Halimah Yacob playing board games with elderly

    President Halimah Yacob plays board games with elderly to promote intergenerational bonding

    Care Community Services Society hopes that creating a gaming corner would help elderly residents socialise and forge new friendships among themselves.
  8. elderly wheelchair disabled file

    First assisted living pilot site to be launched in Bukit Batok next year

  9. Budget 2018 file - elderly 11

    Commentary: Merdeka Generation Package can afford to go further to help our poor elderly

    One challenge in healthcare financing is that older, low-wage workers have insufficient funds in their Medisave accounts, which they could have ...