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  1. Harsh Dalal, the CEO of software developer Team Labs, is the youngest in his firm, bar the interns.

    At 19, this Singapore Polytechnic student runs a US$25 million tech start-up

    Being the CEO of a business with 120 employees globally is hard enough, but teenager Harsh Dalal must also juggle classes, homework and, soon ...
  2. Red carpet for the Axel Springer award, in Berlin

    Commentary: Don’t be too quick to write-off Elon Musk

    Some might criticise multi-billionaire Musk for biting off more than he can chew and having his finger in too many pies, says David Kuo.
  3. Innovation And Impact
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    Ep 6: Innovation And Impact

    Whether it's fixing issues, creating new products or charting a go-to-market plan, we get final updates on where our 6 tech companies stand since ...
  4. Start-UP S6
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    Ep 5: Improving Businesses Everywhere

    Attempting to solve connectivity issues, Dattabot pitches to a telco company. TSC moves closer to creating a product for a larger audience. And ...
  5. Start-UP S6
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    Ep 3: Revolutionising An Industry

    The Stakeholder Company looks at repackaging its intelligence systems product while Nusantara Technology lands an opportunity for overseas expansion.
  6. New Content Item
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    Ep 5: Sustainability Tech Singapore

    Necessity is the mother of invention in Singapore where sustainability tech is emerging as a vibrant sector. Dinesh Balasingam of Chope uncovers ...
  7. Remus Er, 16, trades in limited edition sneakers on the resale market

    This 16-year-old can rake in S$30,000 a month reselling sneakers

    Amazed at the resale value of limited edition sneakers, Remus Er turned his hobby of collecting them into a profitable business - while balancing ...
  8. Halogen Entrepreneurship Unlimited book

    Singapore entrepreneur stories: This charity book will raise funds for youths

    Proceeds from Halogen Foundation’s new in-house publication will go towards supporting the non-profit's work in sponsoring entrepreneurial ...
  9. coworking space

    Commentary: Don’t fall prey to the seductive lure of fancy co-working spaces

    Co-working spaces emerged as social experiments conducted a decade ago but it is still premature to conclude they are advantageous on the whole, ...