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  1. A handout picture from Colombia's Defence Ministry shows smoke billowing from the Sierra de La

    Colombia lost forest area the size of Sao Paulo in 2019: Report

    Colombia lost 159,000 hectares of forest -- an area the size of Brazilian megacity Sao Paulo -- to deforestation in 2019, according to an official ...
  2. A long exposure captures fireflies at Tatsuno Hotarudoyo Park in Nagano Prefecture, Japan

    With festival cancelled by coronavirus, Japan fireflies dance alone

    As the sun sets in the Japanese town of Tatsuno, thousands of fireflies begin glowing, producing a spectacle that usually draws crowds of ...
  3. The fires are expected to be at their worst in August, like last year, when this photo of a burnt

    Brazilian Amazon sees worst June in 13 years for forest fires

    Amazon forest fires in Brazil increased by 19.5 percent in June compared to the same month last year, making it the worst June in 13 years, ...
  4. Shops, including Japan's ubiquitous convenience stores, can decide how much to charge customers

    Japan begins charging for plastic bags

    Retailers in Japan began charging for plastic bags Wednesday, a move aimed at curbing Japanese consumers' love for packaging and finally bringing ...