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  1. TP plastic bags 1

    Commentary: What will it take for Singapore to give up plastic?

    Moving away from single-use plastic and making clean drinking water available everywhere are two ways we can tackle the scourge of plastic waste ...
  2. Indonesian police and rangers conduct an investigation on a dead female elephant at the Banda Alam

    Sumatran elephant 'poisoned' in Indonesia palm plantation

    A critically endangered elephant has been found dead in a palm oil plantation on Indonesia's Sumatra island in what is suspected to be a ...
  3. Japan PM visits disaster area

    Japan PM meets rain disaster survivors, pledges more aid

  4. shoebill1

    Rare Shoebill birds return to Jurong Bird Park

  5. At a recycling facility in the Baltimore-Washington area, bales of compacted plastics and paper are

    Trash piles up in US as China closes door to recycling

  6. Starbucks strawless lids

    Starbucks to eliminate plastic straws in stores globally by 2020

  7. CFCs are chemicals that deplete the ozone layer

    Report accuses China firms over ozone-depleting gas

    An environmental pressure group claimed Monday that Chinese factories are illegally using ozone-depleting CFCs, which have recently seen a spike ...
  8. (dp) OTRD generation gap green (1)

    A 71-year-old and her grandchild on a green journey together, to find closeness again

    Emma wants to save the earth from choking on waste. Mildred doesn’t see the point. On The Red Dot finds out whether this generation gap between ...