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  1. In Indonesia, a country of nearly 270 million people, plastic is everywhere.

    Indonesia stands at the crossroads of a waste crisis and plastics problem

    The country produces nearly 200,000 tonnes of rubbish a day. But with an inadequate waste management system so far, big challenges are looming.
  2. Families in Bangkok are often faced with floods. But is it a problem with no end in sight?

    The fight to save Bangkok from sinking into watery depths

    A green basin, an urban farm and a floating home — the programme Insight explores the solutions being devised to keep climate change and ...
  3. seychelles beach

    Commentary: Half of the world’s sandy beaches could disappear in 80 years

    This is very worrying for the millions of people who call these regions home, say observers.
  4. Locals in Sitio Nabong, in a province just north of Manila, dream of seeing new roads in the area.

    Why Manila is at risk of becoming an underwater city

    In three decades, this city and its surroundings could be submerged because of climate change, excessive groundwater use and land subsidence. The ...
  5. Heart of the Matter podcast thumbnail
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    Beyond COVID-19, how do we take Singapore's public hygiene standards to the next level?

    The Government announced that it will be forming the SG Clean Taskforce to raise standards of public hygiene. Was COVID-19 the jolt we needed to ...
  6. new york toy fair screengrab
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    New York Toy Fair: Making toys more eco-friendly | Video

    Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue for consumers, and the toy industry is taking notice. CNA's William Denselow was at the ...
  7. masagos

    Task force formed to raise public hygiene standards beyond COVID-19 outbreak