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  1. Anti-Brexit demonstrators

    Can Britain alone stop Brexit? Scottish court hears appeal

  2. The Aquarius is a 77-metre (250 foot) rescue boat which has the capacity for carrying between 200

    EU faces fresh standoff over Aquarius migrant boat

  3. Anti-Brexit demonstrators wave EU and Union flags opposite the Houses of Parliament, in London

    No-deal Brexit? What it might mean for Britain

    The prospect of a "no-deal Brexit" appears to have grown after the European Union's negotiator rejected last month central elements of Prime ...
  4. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini assured her Southeast Asian counterparts that they could

    ASEAN, EU close ranks in face of trade war threat

    Southeast Asia and Europe stressed the importance of pushing back against protectionism and the threat of global trade wars Friday, as their ...
  5. Britain's Theresa May is hoping French President Emmanuel Macron will prove receptive to her

    Brexit on menu at May, Macron dinner

    British Prime Minister Theresa May heads to President Emmanuel Macron's "summer Elysee Palace" on the Mediterranean coast on Friday, seeking to ...
  6. Medical Fair Asia Demo Main

    Navigating the next healthcare bend: Medical Fair Asia 2018

    This year’s edition of the exhibition, into its 12th, aims to connect tech and human for a new healthcare future
  7. FILE PHOTO: Switzerland's national flag flies next to the logo of Swiss bank Credit Suisse in

    Credit Suisse charged with rigging foreign exchange rates

    Credit Suisse has been charged by European Union antitrust regulators with rigging foreign exchange rates, the Swiss bank said on Tuesday, a sign ...
  8. People walk past an image of cricket star-turned-politician Imran Khan, chairman of Pakistan Tehree

    EU monitoring team says Pakistan election not a level playing field

    A European Union monitoring team said on Friday that the campaign for Pakistan's general election this week featured a "lack of equality" that ...
  9. Donald Trump

    Trump declares victory for farmers in trade spat with EU