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  1. Hong Kong protests

    Protesters aim to paralyse Hong Kong with city-wide strike on Monday

  2. Hong Kong expat police

    Hong Kong's expat police become focus of protester rage

  3. Swedish flag

    Sweden rejects China's request to extradite former official

  4. Demonstrators attend a rally ahead of the G20 summit, urging the international communit

    In Taiwan, Hong Kong immigrants despair over future back home

    Kitty Wong and Adolf Lim are tightening the screws on their future in Taiwan as they make the final touches to a hostel in the southern city of ...
  5. A demonstrator holding a placard protests outside of Westminster Magistrates Court, where a case he

    UK court sets Assange's US extradition hearing for February 2020

  6. Chief Executive Carrie Lam denied ignoring the huge public backlash over the extradition bill

    Hong Kong leader calls extradition law protests an 'organised riot'

  7. Protesters hold a banner as they walk down Elizabeth St in Sydney, Australia

    Hong Kong protests against extradition law spill into Sydney

  8. HK protesters march during a rally against a controversial extradition law proposal

    Violence breaks out as police try to clear Hong Kong protesters