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  1. grab shields

    Commentary: Is trouble brewing in Grab paradise?

    Grab’s announced layoff of about 360 staff members suggests a rougher ride ahead, but people are hoping the company will weather the COVID-19 ...
  2. Delivery platforms in the spotlight

    Commentary: Getting your food order delivered should be straightforward so why isn’t it?

    The coronavirus may have turbocharged delivery volumes. But food delivery apps have a way more complex business model than this first appears, ...
  3. Heart of the Matter podcast thumbnail
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    How many stars will you give Singapore's F&B industry this COVID-19 season?

    During this pandemic, Singapore’s food and beverage sector has had to grapple with immense challenges from embracing food delivery and take-away ...
  4. Take-away food illustration

    Commentary: We are becoming a 'dabao nation' – why does it feel like a bad thing?

    With COVID-19, our eating habits have changed – where we used to converge for meals, we now order in. This new world betrays a generational ...