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  1. Ep 3
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    Ep 3: Nature’s Recipe

    From seemingly trivial neighbourhood flora and fauna to majestic forest trails, Chef Anthony goes on different walks with nature. He meets ...
  2. Growing interest in composting as gardeners turn food scraps into fertiliser | Video
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    Growing interest in composting as gardeners turn food scraps into fertiliser | Video

    A national movement to encourage gardening has borne fruit, with more than 1,400 community gardens sprouting up since it started in 2005. Junn Loh ...
  3. Gardening shears

    Commentary: Stop stealing my plants!

    Plant theft is not just a real and growing issue in Singapore, affecting scores of individuals, organisations, businesses and public parks, says ...
  4. Photo of a woman gardening

    Thinking green and why there’s therapeutic value in gardening

    Horticulture helps the mental health of everyone from prisoners to war veterans – and that also includes you.
  5. Carnivorous plants hobby Singapore Venus flytrap pitcher plant sundew Darren Ng

    ‘I treat them like pets’: The world of Singapore’s carnivorous plant lovers

    From Little Shop Of Horrors to Mario Bros’ Piranha plants, carnivorous plants such as the Venus flytrap are the stuff of pop culture nightmares.
  6. Heal me with plants HERO

    How quality of life is related to the relationship between people and plants

    Horticultural therapy, which uses gardening-like activities facilitated by a trained therapist to help patients feel better, is gaining traction ...
  7. (dp) OTRD generation gap green 4

    Commentary: Kampung spirit not a wish to revert to the past, but a longing for togetherness

    Many Singaporeans long for the sense of community and resilience we shared in the kampung, says famed author Josephine Chia.
  8. (dp) Edible community garden Dover Crescent main

    The retiree behind the roof garden that brought back a kampung spirit

    Hidden away on a rooftop in Dover is a community garden that is lowering the walls among neighbours and helping to forge friendships. But it ...