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  1. Can we be happier?

    Can we be happier? Yes, but it’s not about wealth or GDP, says one economist

    A growing body of research outlined by Richard Layard, founder and former director of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of ...
  2. Hong Kong marked 20 years since it was handed over to China on Jul 1, 2017

    Commentary: A spirit of pessimism hovers over Hong Kong, one of the least happy places in the world

    What is behind Hong Kong’s infamous reputation as one of the world’s unhappiest places? China commentator Tom McGregor takes a deep dive into the ...
  3. woman looking into reflection on face mirror

    Commentary: 'Smiling depression', depressed while appearing happy, a dangerous combination

    Those who suffer from 'smiling depression' often don't get help because they might not think that they have a problem, researcher Olivia Remes ...
  4. Little girls, children laughing

    Commentary: Admit it. It feels good to see someone else fail

    Schadenfreude - the feeling of pleasure you derive from the misfortune of others is a common feeling experienced even by kids, one observer points ...
  5. This year, try focusing on the good life

    Commentary: This year, try focusing on relationships and experiences, not things or work

    The elements of well-being, which contributes to the good life, is more than just being well, one cultural anthropologist expert points out.
  6. man cycling in daytime

    Commentary: Why I quit my day job and started cycling to Bhutan

    Burnt out from his former job, researcher Christopher Boyce decides to set off on his journey to find happiness.
  7. New Content Item

    Commentary: Scoring China on happiness reveals surprising results

    Happiness levels in China actually dropped after 1990 and have recovered after 2005 but have yet to reach the levels as of 1990, says one observer.
  8. smiling woman

    Commentary: The problem with measuring happiness

    Countries are competing in happiness rankings, but defining happiness is subjective, and differs across cultures, one observer points out.
  9. FILE PHOTO: Virgin Group founder Branson speaks at the Institute of Directors annual convention in

    Commentary: Richard Branson’s key to happiness? Stop chasing after it

    Studies show there are ways to achieve happiness but it doesn’t come in the form of a high-flying job or an all-expenses paid vacation, says one ...
  10. thank you note

    Commentary: The quiet, nourishing power of gratitude

    Saying thank you is underrated, says one observer.