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  1. Visitors eat fish and chips and drink soft drinks at a beach cafe in Brighton

    Commentary: Our environment influences our diet and activity more than we think

    Which is why we must look beyond healthcare professionals in promoting health, says Dean of Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health Dr Teo Yik Ying.
  2. Italy's new administration is leading the charge against a law that bans children from

    Vaccine row erupts in Italy as populist govt seeks to ease rules

  3. Pregnancy (File Photo)

    College-age students unsure when fertility declines

  4. Salt intake

    Drive to curb salt intake should focus on China: Study

  5. A leading specialist in brain injuries Doctor Bennett Omalu called for children under the age of 18

    Children should be barred from heading footballs: Brain specialist

    The debate over the damage inflicted by heading a football took another turn on Wednesday as a leading expert in brain injuries said children ...
  6. why is my pet cat dog so fat health risk

    Our fat pets: It's not good for them to be at such unhealthy weights

    Along with diabetes and arthritis, overweight pets are at increased risk for liver and kidney diseases, high blood pressure, heart failure and ...
  7. A wall of flip-flops for sale in New York

    Do flip-flops protect against athlete’s foot?

    Public showers, locker rooms and swimming pools are breeding grounds for the fungi that cause athlete’s foot. Footwear can help prevent infections.
  8. Man working in office

    Commentary: Address ragging but remember to also tackle workplace bullying

    Any kind of practice that results in harm, both physical and psychological, should be explicitly prohibited, says one observer.
  9. Dog enjoys an ice cream given by its owner at an ice-cream shop where ice cream is designed especia

    Commentary: You're not walking your dog enough

    All dogs need regular exercise outside of the home, say two observers from the University of Sydney.
  10. So-called polyphenolic compounds in wine

    Teetotallers, like big drinkers, more prone to dementia: Study

    Long-term teetotallers were roughly 50 per cent more likely to suffer Alzheimers or another form of neuro-degenerative disease, scientists said.