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  1. Japanese singer and song writer Pikotaro, who is a current Youtube star with his song "PPAP&qu

    Japanese celebrity Pikotaro redesigns signature Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen song into COVID-19 melody

    Japanese social media celebrity Pikotaro returned as a leading twitter trend in Japan with a coronavirus hand washing song that repurposes his ...
  2. big read 1

    The Big Read: Singapore's oft-maligned millennials face their first crisis

    Among the more than a dozen millennials, those who have lost jobs or business revenues in the past few weeks said the old adage of “saving for a ...
  3. Health and wellness apps

    6 of the best health and wellness apps to download to your phone

    You don’t have to give up your health goals just because you are practicing safe distancing by staying home. Stay fit and in tip-top condition ...
  4. A nurse (left) operates a robot used to check up on seriously ill coronavirus patients in Varese,

    COVID-19: Italy's doctors look for help from sleek new robots

    The shiny new robots gently check the pulses of highly infectious patients on life support in the Italian epicentre of COVID-19.