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  1. Outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Brazil

    Younger people filling up COVID-19 intensive care wards in Americas, PAHO says

    COVID-19 infections continue to spread fast across the Americas as a result of relaxed prevention measures and intensive care units are filling up ...
  2. Bad habits - skipping toothbrushing

    Is it okay to skip the toothbrush once in a while and use toothpicks instead?

    An expert says these bad habits won’t affect you health-wise, even if there are caveats. Good luck with bad breath!
  3. Delhi is infamous as having some of the world's dirtiest air

    Commentary: Deep-rooted issues at heart of India's COVID-19 crisis

    The fact that so many require medical care in India’s second COVID-19 wave is a symptom of longstanding structural deficiencies, says a doctor.
  4. Ep 3 - air fried food
    Media playtime

    Ep 3: How Much Healthier Is Air Fried Food?

    The global air fryer market is expected to reach US$1.2b by 2026. With more Singaporeans using air fryers, Talking Point investigates how much ...