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  1. Privacy and convenience: the new trademarks of mental wellness consultations

    Counselling: Like gym training for the mind

    Doctor Anywhere’s online mental wellness consultation service gives users the convenience to speak to a psychologist privately from home.
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    Ep 2: Disease Hunters: Battle Against Bacteria

    Humans and bacteria have been in an evolutionary race for centuries. With the emergence of “Superbugs” and no new antibiotics in sight, we are ...
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    Ep 1: Disease Hunters: The Viral Menace

    COVID-19 has brought attention back to deadly viruses. Meet hard-working scientists in Singapore and elsewhere racing to identify emerging ...
  4. Women on 10 Qatar Airways flights out of Doha, including one to Sydney, were subjected to the

    Qatar identifies parents of infant abandoned in airport toilet, officers charged over invasive searches

    Qatar said Monday it had identified the parents of a baby girl dumped at its airport, an incident that prompted officials to order departing ...
  5. Woman scratching her arm

    Unexplained rashes: Why do they occur and when should you see a doctor?

    The prevalent use of disinfectants during the pandemic may be a factor but sometimes, it's difficult to pinpoint the exact trigger, say experts.