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  1. Customer waits to pick up her order outside a KFC restaurant as the country is hit by an outbreak o

    Fast-food companies in China step up ‘contactless’ pickup, delivery as COVID-19 rages

    With the COVID-19 outbreak in China continuing to spread, McDonald's, Starbucks and other fast-food companies are ramping up "contactless" pickup ...
  2. muesli breakfast

    Commentary: Chronic constipation is common but can be improved

    Constipation is more common in older adults and in women going through hormonal changes, says an expert.
  3. It's not usually this quiet in Windhoek's Chinatown

    Chinese businesses in faraway Namibia feel virus fear

    Namibia should by rights feel little concern about the coronavirus outbreak given that the sparsely-populated desert country is 12,000 kilometres ...
  4. weight training

    Want maximum weight loss? Try combining aerobics and weight training

    Activities like walking and lifting weights were both tied to a healthier weight, but combining the two may have the most benefits.
  5. A woman exercises in front of the Round Pond in Kensington Palace Gardens as the sun rises in London

    Getting lots of exercise tied to lower risk of kidney disease

    People who get plenty of physical activity may be less likely than their more sedentary counterparts to develop chronic kidney disease, a recent ...