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  1. Children look through holes in a tent at al-Hol displacement camp in Hasaka governorate

    Iraq weighs captives' rights against fear of new Islamic State

    Iraqi farmer Shaker Salih says he feared Islamic State, but feared its defeat even more. His problem is persuading people to believe that he did ...
  2. Iraq mass graves

    UN team unearths 12 mass graves in Iraq probe of IS crimes

  3. IGP Abdul Hamid Bador

    Malaysian police foil terror attacks with arrests of four suspects

  4. Ten people were killed in the attack targeting the Saint Mina church

    Egypt condemns man to death for Cairo church attack

  5. Baghdad bombing

    At least eight dead in Baghdad suicide bombing

  6. Bangladesh launched a major crackdown on homegrown Islamist militant outfits following a deadly

    Bangladesh arrests suspected IS militant back from Syria

  7. People stand inside the St. Sebastian Church which was damaged during string of suicide bomb attack

    Sri Lanka names Easter suicide bombers

  8. Moscow State University student Varvara Karaulova's trial on terrorist-related charges is the

    Russian student who tried to go to Syria freed early

    Russia on Saturday released a former student convicted for trying to enter Syria in a high profile 2016 case after she was granted parole this month.