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  1. A display at the TOTO Museum in Kitakyushu

    Japan's next restroom revolution? Phasing out squat toilets for Tokyo 2020

    On southwestern Japan's Miyajima island, a short walk from one of the country's most famous ancient temple sites, there's a brand new attraction ...
  2. Yoshiro Kiyama Kyoto chef

    The kaiseki chef who uses the same spring water as Kyoto’s Imperial Palace

    Kyoto’s natural groundwater, explains chef Yoshiro Kiyama, owner of the one-Michelin-starred Kiyama, is "especially soft" and is excellent for ...
  3. Shuji Nakagawa, a third-generation master craftsman and contemporary artist

    From rice bucket to champagne cooler: Updating an age-old Japanese craft

    Not satisfied with just crafting wooden vessels for utilitarian purposes of storing water, miso or rice, Shuji Nakagawa is updating the ...
  4. Kyoto artisans

    How Kyoto artisans keep their traditions alive with Instagram and Airbnb

    On a recent visit to Kyoto, CNA Luxury ventured to three workshops specialising in traditional Japanese crafts to find out how these centuries-old ...
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    Ep 4: Where The Wild Things Are

    Explore northern Kyoto's mountains where a Japanese chef forages daily for fresh produce, Turkish sisters create fantasy worlds on silk scarves ...
  6. Ritz-Carlton Stellar Dining

    Foodie alert: Fancy dining in a few Michelin-starred restaurants at one go?

    Reservations are difficult to secure at certain Michelin-starred restaurants. Or they could be hard to access. Enter the Ritz-Carlton Stellar ...
  7. Japanese city of Kyoto takes steps to manage influx of tourists | Video
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    Japanese city of Kyoto takes steps to manage influx of tourists | Video

    Cities in Japan are scrambling to manage an unprecedented influx of tourists. CNA's Michiyo Ishida spoke with Kyoto’s mayor Daisaku Kadokawa to ...
  8. KyoAni Kyoto Japan fire rooftop door

    Smoke spread so fast at Japanese animation firm victims couldn't open rooftop door

    Smoke spread so quickly through a burning Japanese animation company that a majority of victims who had tried to flee through a rooftop door were ...