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  1. Japanese city of Kyoto takes steps to manage influx of tourists | Video
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    Japanese city of Kyoto takes steps to manage influx of tourists | Video

    Cities in Japan are scrambling to manage an unprecedented influx of tourists. CNA's Michiyo Ishida spoke with Kyoto’s mayor Daisaku Kadokawa to ...
  2. KyoAni Kyoto Japan fire rooftop door

    Smoke spread so fast at Japanese animation firm victims couldn't open rooftop door

    Smoke spread so quickly through a burning Japanese animation company that a majority of victims who had tried to flee through a rooftop door were ...
  3. This aerial view shows the rescue and recovery scene at KyoAni

    Deadly Kyoto fire: What we know about the suspected arson attack

  4. An aerial view shows smoke and flame rise from the three-story Kyoto Animation building

    Torched Japanese anime studio had received 'death threats'

  5. Japan Kyoto Animation fire

    At least 33 dead in suspected arson at Japan animation studio KyoAni

  6. A Slow Travel Guide To Kyoto, Japan

    Temples, ryokans and tombstones: A slow travel guide to Kyoto, Japan

    Take the road less travelled and immerse yourself in spirituality in Kyoto – a perfect antidote to the hectic pace of modern life.
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    Webb Ellis Trophy blessed at temple in Kyoto before tour of Japan

  8. Remarkable Living Destinations Hoshinoya Kyoto

    The luxury retreat hidden from the world in the forests of ancient Kyoto

    Hoshinoya Kyoto, with just 25 guest rooms, is a sanctuary of calm, housed in what was once the family retreat of a 17th century Japanese merchant.