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  1. Singapore hospital ward

    More Singaporeans to benefit from higher healthcare subsidies under revised income criteria

  2. patient getting eye check up

    Singapore National Eye Centre to reduce charges for certain complex procedures from March

  3. New Content Item

    MediShield Life coverage extended to three new areas

  4. New Content Item

    Commentary: Help with disability costs welcomed but allowing withdrawal of Medisave may not benefit all

    Instead of allowing Medisave to be used directly for severe disability care, we should use extra funds to pay for higher, shared coverage in ...
  5. New Content Item

    More liberal use of Medisave among suggestions to improve healthcare landscape

    MP Chia Shi-Lu also suggested exemption of GST for primary healthcare services and inclusion of pregnancy and mental health related conditions in ...
  6. Electronic patient chart at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Diego

    Commentary: The buffet metaphor for integrated shield plan riders only goes so far

    There are limits to the buffet syndrome metaphor when it comes to dealing with integrated shield plans with zero co-payment coverage, says one ...
  7. New Content Item

    Patients with new Integrated Shield plan riders will have to make co-payment

    This will encourage responsible behaviour by patients and healthcare providers, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong says.
  8. sylvia lim workers' party

    Inequality a threat to Singapore's solidarity; needs to be looked into: Sylvia Lim