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  1. Nicolas Maduro

    Venezuela military backs Maduro, on 'alert' for border violations

  2. More than 28,000 US troops are stationed in the South to guard against threats from Pyongyang.

    South Korea to pay US$924 million to host American troops in 2019

    South Korea said on Sunday (Feb 10) it has agreed to hike its payment for maintaining American troops on its soil, settling a dispute with its ...
  3. Paramilitary soldiers stand guard outside the Supreme Court building in Islamabad

    'Stay out of politics' Pakistan court tells powerful military

    Pakistan's top court on Wednesday warned the military and intelligence agencies they must not exceed their mandate and meddle in politics, an ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Admiral Ali Shamkhani, Iran?s Supreme National Security Council Director, speaks to the

    Iran warns Israel against further air strikes in Syria

    Iran warned Israel on Tuesday of a "firm and appropriate" response if it continued attacking targets in Syria, where Tehran has backed President ...
  5. china mother of all bombs

    China tests its own 'Mother of All Bombs'

  6. The Taaung National Liberation Army is one of the larger ethnic rebel groups fighting in northern

    Myanmar army pauses operations in north in rare conciliatory action

  7. There are about 14,000 US troops in Afghanistan, providing the main component of the Resolute

    Trump to withdraw 'significant' troops from Afghanistan

    US President Donald Trump has decided to pull a significant number of troops from Afghanistan, a US official told AFP on Thursday (Dec 20), with ...
  8. South Korean soldiers stand guard while removing landmines inside of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) o

    South Koreans argue over plan for objectors to substitute military service

    South Koreans on Thursday fiercely debated a government plan to allow conscientious objectors to work in prisons instead of mandatory military ...