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  1. Experts say up to a million species face extinction - some within decades - from human activity

    One million species risk extinction due to humans: Draft UN report

    Up to one million species face extinction due to human influence, according to a draft UN report obtained by AFP that painstakingly catalogues how ...
  2. A competitor pushes his horses during "Straparijada", an event in which horses compete in

    Thousands cheer on horses in Bosnia log-towing contest

    Several thousand people flocked to a private arena in northwest Bosnia on Saturday to cheer on their favourite horses during a traditional ...
  3. Pet owners want to be masters, not servants - why we value dogs more than cats

    CIMB Bank Singapore launches pet insurance for dogs, cats

  4. Pet owners want to be masters, not servants

    Commentary: Pet owners want to be masters, not servants - that's why we value dogs more than cats

    No matter how cute and cuddly cats may be, they can’t compete with dogs, says New York Institute of Technology's Colleen P Kirk.
  5. Serbia's vulture flies home from Turkey

    Serbian vulture flies home from Turkey - by plane

    A young vulture who got stranded last year in Turkey more than 2,000 km from her nest flew home to Serbia on Friday - by plane.
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    5G-connected cows test milking parlour of the future

  7. CNA Lifestyle

    5G-connected cows test milking parlor of the future

  8. FILE PHOTO: Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit Morocco

    Prince Harry and Meghan to keep baby plans private

    Prince Harry and Meghan have decided to keep the plans around the arrival of their first child private, Buckingham Palace said on Thursday.
  9. FILE PHOTO: Workers in protective suits disinfect a vehicle at a checkpoint on a road leading to a

    US pork industry cancels convention over African swine fever fears

    The U.S. pork industry canceled its annual convention on Wednesday over concerns that international attendees could bring in an incurable hog ...
  10. Pet Expo Singapore 2019 (3)_mod

    Adoption drive, dog massages and a fish beauty contest at PetExpo this weekend

    Events at the sixth edition of the pet fair will feature Siamese fighting fish from 200 local and overseas participants, as well as "alternative ...