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  1. Cat owner renting a place 99co hero unsplash-paul-hanaoka

    Looking to rent a place with your cat? Make sure you follow these steps

    From renting unfurnished properties to keeping that S$3,000 curtain away from kitty’s claws, here are things to keep both your cat and your ...
  2. Currently, a chick's sex cannot be determined while still in the egg without invasive testing.

    Culling of male chicks: A widespread and controversial practice

    The systematic eradication of male chicks is a common practice in the poultry industry, which says it is the only viable option for birds that ...
  3. Lost golf balls are pictured on the floor of the Pacific Ocean in Stillwater Cove near Pebble Beach

    Pebble Beach aims to keep harmful golf balls out of ocean

    Pebble Beach Golf Links, which hosts the U.S. Open this week, hopes the world's best golfers will keep their balls on the fairways and out of the ...
  4. New Content Item

    Don't kiss your pet hedgehog, CDC warns as Salmonella hits 17 states

  5. CNA Lifestyle

    California ladybug swarm dozens of miles wide shows up on radar

  6. Preview of the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum dinosaur and fossil hall in Washington

    T. rex finds a dangerous meal as Smithsonian dinosaur hall reopens

    A dramatic scene from the twilight of the age of dinosaurs - a T. rex feasting upon a horned plant-eater named Triceratops - will greet visitors ...
  7. Asia Default Image

    China reports H5N6 bird flu outbreak in Xinjiang

  8. A zoo keeper carries a pelican before it is transported to London, in Prague

    From Prague with love: Pelicans Sun, Moon and Star head for new London home

    Three great white pelicans were crossing Europe by van on Thursday en route to their new home in a central London park, where they will become ...