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  1. The carcass of a cow lies on the trail leading to Bermo

    Climate change threatens end of trail for Niger's nomadic herders

    Ali's sharp eyes scanned the heat-shimmered horizon, searching in vain for clouds.
  2. Our Lives With Dogs - Paws That Win
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    Ep 29: Our Lives With Dogs - Paws That Win

    A team of handlers and their beloved pets head to The Netherlands to compete in the World Agility Open championships, but what they discover is ...
  3. The dead kangaroos, including two joeys, were found littered over roads in the far south-east of the

    Australian kangaroo killer avoids jail

    An Australian man who deliberately mowed down at least 20 kangaroos with a truck avoided jail on Tuesday after pleading guilty to animal cruelty, ...
  4. The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital near Sydney has raised more than Aus$1 million on GoFundMe to help

    Online fundraiser for bushfire-hit koalas tops A$1 million

    An online fundraiser for koalas injured in devastating bushfires topped Aus$1 million ($680,000) on Thursday, making it Australia's biggest ...
  5. CNA Lifestyle

    Philippine students turn littered dog poo into bricks

  6. Bei Bei, the giant panda, is seen for the last time at the Smithsonian National Zoo, before his dep

    Bei Bei, Washington's eligible bachelor panda, heads to China

    After a month of preparations and goodbyes, Bei Bei, the Washington National Zoo's most eligible giant panda bachelor, was on his way to China on ...
  7. Saltwater crocodiles, common in northern Australia, can grow up to seven metres long and weigh more

    Australian man survives croc attack by gouging its eye

  8. New Content Item

    Despite safety guidelines, too many kids get hurt by lawnmowers

  9. Chinese pet detective Sun Jinrong tests his blowdart as he prepares to search for a missing cat in a

    The purrfect crime: Chinese pet detective seeks lost animals

    Private sleuth Sun Jinrong brings heat detectors, tiny surveillance cameras, and a blow dart loaded with a tranquiliser to his search for one ...